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Long Live Aim Low Press …




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Like the phoenix…

Pop Punk Heroes Promise Me Tomorrow head out on tour in September with Better Left Alone and IRIS. Check out the rad tour poster below and get along to one (or more!) of the dates as possible.

For your viewing pleasure Deal’s poppunk superstars present their music documentary.

What do they put in the water in Deal? The sheer amount of quality bands that have emerged from the tight-knit scene is phenomenal. Last year saw the release of a number of quality EPs and albums from bands around the area, and this year has started in fantastic form with the release of ‘Posture, Volume, Script’ , the new EP from alternative rock band Save Target As. Ever the prospect in a live setting, as well as being a band that’s sound is extremely hard to pigeonhole, it’s not hard to see why this EP has been so eagerly anticipated in some circles.

It’s fitting that ‘Posture, Volume, Script’ should not only open with long time live favourite ‘Romeo, Romeo’, but also with frontman Loz Regan screaming the EP’s title; it is, after all, the juxtaposition of Regan’s aggressive vocals against the melody of the band’s music and the clean vocals of guitarist Chris Horne, that makes Save Target As such a great live band, and credit should be given to Oz Craggs at Hidden Track Studios for capturing that ‘live’ energy so well on record.

‘Romeo, Romeo’ is an absolute anthem, and though its lyrics may sound like some nightmarish drama lesson, the intensity of Regan’s vocal delivery hints at a hidden depth. The abrasive screams duel with Horne’s more forgiving vocals from the off, and the dancey rhythm that bubbles below the surface clarifies why this song always induces movement from a crowd. There is a dance-inducing rhythm to all five tracks on this EP that is largely fuelled by the bass work of Alan Warboys. In fact, it’s not too dissimilar to the role the bass plays in Hot Water Music’s work, though that is as far as that comparison will stretch.

A combination of a delicate guitar line and ruthless screamed vocals kick dazzling second track ‘Tombstone Cocktails’ off in style. There is also an element of Coheed & Cambria singer Claudio Sanchez, to Chris Horne’s vocals in places on this track. There is also a distinct and catchy chorus, that will instantly take root in your head. ‘Diamond Chances’ is the EP’s weakest track, but such is the quality of the others this does not mean that the track is anyway bad. In fact, there are some bands that would probably wish that their best tracks were half as good as this. It is full of driving rhythms and hooks that carry the song.

The last couple of tracks are belters. ‘Dagenham Docks’ seems to build slowly, but then storms out of the blocks in a flurry of guitars. The verses are built around an addictive bass line, while the drums provide the main funnel for the energy. ‘Magpies & Shiny Things’  is of a similar standard, full of swirling guitars, and the vocal sparring between Horne and Regan is once again top notch. The final build to the outro of the song is of epic proportions, and features a victorious guitar solo, that serves as the perfect ending to this EP.

‘Posture, Volume, Script’ is a triumph of a debut EP, and should herald the band as ones to watch. It has all the elements of a great rock release; plenty of energy, abrasiveness and just enough melody. If you’ve ever enjoyed this band live, you are guaranteed to get a kick out of ‘Posture, Volume, Script’, and if you haven’t… well you need to get on it.

‘Posture, Volume, Script’ by Save Target As is out now on i-tunes, amazon and through the band.


One day, I will post things when I say I’m going to… anyways here it is.

1. Polar Bear Club – Clash Battle Guilt Pride

There’s been a little bit of disgruntled feedback from “fans” of this band, that this album is a pale comparison to the back catalogue. I completely disagree with that sentiment. ‘Clash Battle Guilt Pride’ was in my opinion the best album of last year and represents this Rochester, NY band at it’s best. From the brilliantly atmospheric opener ‘Pawner’ to the equally epic closer ‘3-4 Tango’ this album is just pure brilliance. You can read me waxing lyrical about it at greater length here -> http://www.alterthepress.com/2011/09/album-review-polar-bear-club-clash.html


2. The Story So Far – Under Soil And Dirt

‘Under Soil And Dirt’ was the pop punk album of last year, and arrived with little to no fanfare, and then preceed to get a buzz unrivalled by any of their contemporaries (with the exception of The Wonder Years perhaps!). Featuring some songs that have made an appearance elsewhere like the awesome ‘Mt. Diablo’ as well as some new songs like the ridiculously catchy ‘Quicksand’, the album is brilliant and really rubs salt in the wound that is New Found Glory’s latest. ‘Daughters’ is the best song if you are looking to download a taster, but the best advice would be to just get the whole thing. Not convinced? Read this -> http://www.alterthepress.com/2011/07/album-revew-story-so-far-under-soil-and.html

3. The Wonder Years – Suburbia I’ve Given You All And Now I’m Nothing

For the second year on the trot this band have managed to infiltrate the top five of the year (https://danissitt.wordpress.com/2011/01/11/top-20-records-of-2010-part-four-no-1-5/). ‘Suburbia’ is better than ‘The Upsides’. There I said it. Both records are great, but ‘Suburbia‘ is the superior of the two. Whether it’s the explosive opener ‘Came Out Swinging’ or the interesting little interludes, everything is a little more classy. The lyrics are still personable and appealing and tracks like ‘Coffee Eyes’ and ‘Don’t Let Me Cave In’ really demonstrate just how good this band are.


4. The Horrible Crowes – Elsie

Brian Fallon can do no wrong in my eyes. I love the Gaslight Anthem and was eagerly anticipating the release of his side project of ‘night time music’. It took a little time to fully settle with me, but after a few listens I was hooked. There’s a real old time feel to a lot of these tracks, but they don’t feel even remotely dated. Musically more subtle than his day job, and resting a little more on the influence of acts like Tom Waits, ‘Elsie‘ is a brilliantly broody album, littered with a fair amount of stomp. Single ‘Behold The Hurricane‘ isn’t a fair reflection of the album as whole, and it’s gems like ‘Crush‘ and ‘Black Betty & The Moon‘ which really make this album worth owning. If you can get it on vinyl, it’s worth it. Want to know more? – >http://www.alterthepress.com/2011/09/album-review-horrible-crowes-elsie.html

5. Austin Lucas – An Old Home In The New World

Austin Lucas is amazing. The man has a set of pipes on him unlike any other, and he makes beautiful slow and sad songs. I could (and have) listen to him all day. His latest album sees the most stark evolution in his sound yet, as he introduces electric guitar to a handful of tracks on the album, as well as a trumpet on the last track. These are brilliant additions and work really well. There are too many great tracks to single out on this album, but the last track ‘Somewhere A Light Shines‘ is a brilliant closing track. Read this -> http://www.alterthepress.com/2011/05/album-review-austin-lucas-new-home-in.html